Two Suns in Asia – Planet X, Nibru, The Destroyer, Nemesis or Tyche? POLITICALSEER

I’m fluent in Chinese Mandarin so here’s my translation if you don’t have it already. They are talking about people on the internet who blog and make videos on the planet x/nibiru topic. Some internet bloggers believe the world will end, while others believe it could mean aliens may invade the planet. People are questioning whether this is authentic since it was captured on a phone. The middle aged man comments and says he thinks it’s just a rare coincidence that you see what appears to be 2 suns. Keep up to date with LATE breaking news alerts by friending us on your social network below! We Podcast LIVE nightly. Call in show, News, Views and MORE! Check it out… 6:00 – 9:00 pm west coast time Website Twitter Facebook: Myspace: Buzz: Podcast:
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25 comments on “Two Suns in Asia – Planet X, Nibru, The Destroyer, Nemesis or Tyche? POLITICALSEER
  1. focker748 says:

    @BlackGeorge801 sorry its made in Taiwan

  2. USFullOfLies says:

    Im pretty sure it’s not.
    I’ll be waiting and capture my own,
    but im sure im not the first, they are many here who got their but not being believed.

  3. ZinayH says:

    @zmodem that is what they think! but still cant explain it! News reporters are not scientist!

  4. NoNW0 says:

    @BlackGeorge801 That’s why it worked just for one day.

  5. TheConnordt says:

    anytime πŸ™‚


    Why thank you! πŸ˜€

  7. TheConnordt says:

    lmao im not catholic, but i was raised catholic so ill answer that ;D they are three separate entities that act as one. Its called the Holy Trinity, each an individual but also part of the whole. Its confusing as shit, which is partly why i no longer practice catholicism lmao

  8. reman1234567 says:

    It says it’s a naturally occurring optical illusion because of the radiation mixed with pollution in the atmosphere.

  9. iMushyRoms says:

    Looks photoshopped..

  10. LifeSanctification says:

    @IIIIRAVAGEIIII Jesus is the son of God, he is not God. In the bible he has said many times that his Father is God etc…

  11. fuckmania07 says:


  12. TheTomygrosso says:

    uno es la luna artificial de vegeta


    If Jesus is God, who is God and who is the son of God?

    I’m confused.

  14. mmmikeyxx says:

    Um…. this is seriously fukked up.

  15. BlackGeorge801 says:

    The other sun says “made in china”

  16. keopsreq says:

    @Mrcuidadointensivo i’m not ready πŸ™ . what will happen to me ? will i got to hell and spend my eternity there doing sins like drinking alcohol and having sex with 3 women at once ?

  17. kiuhy8 says:


  18. bahremon2170 says:

    @JadinShore Yeah the marketing campaign for Battle: Los Angeles is AMAZING

  19. Mrcuidadointensivo says:

    the return of the Lord Jesus Christ is soon, these are signs that is coming for His church. Jesus is coming soon you are ready to go be with him?


  20. TronixGuy93 says:

    @JadinShore I’m not really seeing hardly any. Would you mind pointing out some sites. I guess when I said more, I should have clarified that the pictures/videos should be in hi-def, not some 1980’s betamax-parkinsons shots.

    I don’t doubt that there is a good chance there may actually be other intelligent life in the universe, and speaking of my own personal experiences I have personally seen what I would classify as a UFO sighting. So I’m not trying to sound skeptical as I too am witness.

  21. JadinShore says:

    @TronixGuy93 I should correct that. πŸ™‚ I’m seeing more pictures and rports of UFOs than ever before.

  22. JadinShore says:

    @TronixGuy93 Not too sure what you mean. I’m seeing more UFOs than ever before.

  23. TronixGuy93 says:

    @JadinShore I agree. If it has happened before why was it not documented. Not that I Don’t believe that unexplained and unexplainable things happen, this reminds me of when people ask me. Since almost everyone has HD now, where did the UFO’s go?

  24. superdee133 says:

    Maybe it’s the moon we have not seen the moon for about 10 days

  25. JadinShore says:

    I can’t help but wonder why, if this a natural occuring phenomenon, people all over the world haven’t seen it before and are suddenly taking pictures of it? Just asking.