The Chinese Are Coming Pt 1

NOTE: Due to the lengthy upload rat (133+ minutes), parts 3 and 4 will have to be uploaded on Feb 14, 2011. Sorry for any inconvenience.Travelling across three continents, Justin Rowlatt investigates the spread of Chinese influence around the planet and asks what the world will be like if China overtakes America as the world’s economic superpower. In the first of two films, he embarks on a journey across Southern Africa to chart the extraordinary phenomenon of Chinese migration to Africa, and the huge influence of China on the development of the continent. While many in the West view Africa as a land of poverty, to the Chinese it is seen as an almost limitless business opportunity. From Angola to Tanzania, Justin meets the fearless Chinese entrepreneurs who have travelled thousands of miles to set up businesses.
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This video covers two ways to apologize in Chinese and how to respond to it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 comments on “The Chinese Are Coming Pt 1
  1. 1006Will says:

    @Tomasito261 Really? really? You are being serious. Comparing to what white people call the Asians, Chinese are being exceptionally nice by calling them white devils. I don’t know what race you are, supposedly Caucasian, have you been called in a demeaning way by an Asian? And ask how they feel vice versa. And I know China’s media is biased, but that’s not the media’s problem, but the government. But do tell me which gov does do self- promoting job?Learn, think and think again before you talk.

  2. 1006Will says:


  3. conversechristie says:

    All and every sign points towards that they pissed on the bread in the that part again while keeping that in mind this time and try and tell me thats not whats happening.

  4. Tomasito261 says:

    @koreacheju1985 ‘White devils’? Wow, you’re probably one of the most racist Chinese people I’ve met. I’d like to see you say this to a white person’s face, not just over the internet. Anyway, the BBC’s job is to give both sides to a story. This is how British media works, unlike in China where your state media constantly pumps out pro-government propaganda. In this documentary he’s saying the business relationship between China and Africa is positive, but there are also downsides.

  5. Coldfans says:

    This bloody white shit wants to provoke the negative attitude to China only . Loser British! Loser BBC shit.! Act like ‘Mr Charles’ to save the Africans, help ur Queen save the ‘Sun-Never-sets empire’ first before you putting on airs. BBC really plays low.

  6. 87zachattack says:

    @koreacheju1985 Learn some manners

  7. 87zachattack says:

    Who’s racist koreacheju? You should learn some manners. There are racist people of all colors: White, black, brown, yellow, etc.. And you are one of them. Dogs that bark typically don’t have a strong bite. I have several Chinese friends who are students here in the US. They would be dissapointed with your actions/words.

  8. angelusp777 says:

    In my country we all like Chinese, when the come, they don’t think the are big, or greater than u, onlike white mother fuckers. We love them there is nothing you can do.

  9. Riddlerx333x says:

    The British have to be servants of the devil! THEY ARE THE ULTIMATE DIVIDER OF CIVILIZATIONS!

    I fricking hate how they always instigate everything. Neo-conservative white americans/britains need to stay out of African/Chinese relations.

  10. Riddlerx333x says:

    The British have to be servants of the devil! THEY ARE THE ULTIMATE DIVIDER OF CIVILIZATIONS!

    I fricking hate how they always instigate everything. Neo-conservative white americans/bri

  11. Rayden150 says:

    @stilettoprincess What the fuck are you talking about?, all hes doing is demonstrating a rather interesting shift in African Society and the world as a whole. Its not like his diminishing Chinese interests… anyways why am i talking to a dumbass

  12. mrearlygold says:

    Agreed and as they lower taxes ( if legistaltion passes only 12 percent of the chinese working people will be subjected to taxes. Yup, 12%. And cut regulations to the bone the economy grows and the currency gets stronger.
    The opposite is happing in the US and the Chinese don’t tax their citizens living abroad while the US DOES.

  13. stilettoprincess says:

    he’s so fucking patronizing omg

  14. MeCallCrazy says:

    while the US and NATO are pissing their money away chasing ghosts and bombing villages, the Chinese are working hard to secure their future. The US has deliberately been betrayed to self-destruct. Traitor politicians!

    Good for the Chinese.

  15. 5annent says:

    Africa gives everybody their shit] they should kick everybody out until they’re treated fairly!!!] I believe that’s why Obama was Selected president 4 the recolonization of Africa’s rich resources] making other countries rich & they’re living dirt dirt poor 4 the richest country on the planet!= senseless!] being raped 4 centuries when r we going 2 learn?] I heard of being generous but this is plain dumb!

  16. EmJayBreen says:

    @virtuous8 Not all enlish men and woman are like that!

  17. FloydIV says:

    “So have you tried African food?” HAVE YOU TRIED BRITISH FOOD? FUCKING GROSS


  18. jastinhaha2 says:

    He went to africa to study china??? WTF

  19. r8448 says:

    @Cynthiawu14 Well in what you’re saying you don’t know much about our culture. 100 years back I couldn’t rob anything, I wasn’t even born. 🙂 I’m not Jealous. One thing I know. When Philips(Netherlands) made his own radios they work for at least 50 years. Nowadays, since they have factories in China, the chinese crap barely last for 10 years… The EU and the USA should immediately tax the import of Chinese products. With that money we can invest in own quality. . 🙂

  20. Cynthiawu14 says:

    @r8448 You r just talking about groundless nonsense without even giving an example of why china is colonizing Africa. Do u know anything about China? Did u ever bother to respect and to learn about other cultures like the Chinese are doing? You are saying those nonsense ONLY because you are JEALOUS and AFRAID that China might get stronger than your country in the end, asking for whatever you bastard has robbed from China 100 years ago. But Chinese people would never want ur crap. What a coward.

  21. Ethopiapride77 says:

    @asst9999 lol fuk europe…go tell the queen come suck on my big cock!! coach and die..old bitch colonising english bitch..

  22. r8448 says:

    @Microglia1 You racist bastard! 🙂

  23. r8448 says:

    @koreacheju1985 What Chinese do IS colonization! They try to believe the entire world that it is fair trade. It’s not. Maybe we should close the borders for Chinese goods, that are from dubious quality anyway, and make it our selfs. Like in the good old days.

  24. asst9999 says:

    GOD save the Queen!! GOD save white EU

  25. hojoleon says:

    why cant we do this in america

  26. PeggyTeachesChinese says:

    @brownmiester That’s very nice to know! I hope you also like my Taiwan videos too! 😉

  27. brownmiester says:

    Great videos I’m making more progress each day thanks to you

  28. brownmiester says:

    Respond to this video…
    very good explanation and nice accent easy to understand

  29. brownmiester says:

    @PeggyTeachesChinese great! well kindly add me as your contact and then we can chat soon …my username is brownmiester. Talk to you soon!

  30. PeggyTeachesChinese says:

    @brownmiester I live in Taiwan. We can have our tutor lessons on Skype. 🙂

  31. brownmiester says:

    great videos ! im in china can u tutor me?

  32. worldtravel101 says:

    woo peggy. i saw you in that m13 video. wow i didnt know you know him xixi.

  33. M23jnba says:

    pai say la

  34. PeggyTeachesChinese says:

    @suarneduj there we go. 😉

  35. suarneduj says:

    Insted of helping the lady to pick the books, the mulatto guy is simply staring at her cleavage…

  36. PeggyTeachesChinese says:

    @ardeasofdentarg 謝謝~~~

  37. ardeasofdentarg says:

    Peggy your videos are great! Xièxiè ! 我觉得你非常票亮

  38. DrMMHMD says:


    i don’t get it , this is language learining site. Unaccented Pinyin, “pinglish” has no use in learning the language. Even Hanyu Pinyin was not meant to be used to construct sentences. If one is so inspired, it is easy to configure your keyboard to type Hanyu Pinyin using the insert option and memorizing the key combination. or, why not type “hanzi”. Pinyin is not a language.

  39. PeggyTeachesChinese says:

    @BuayaGuy That are right. Standard one should be “謝謝 xie4xie5” Thank you for pointing it out. 🙂

  40. GaetanoJosephMarino says:

    Hello Peggy, I really enjoy your videos. If people want lessons in a ‘graduated’ format, that is, building upon previous lessons from easy to advanced, you may want to refer them to a full-length course. This way your lessons are conversational instruction, useful to everyone. There are several locations for these on the internet, though the Foreign Service courses are a little dated. You have a great site and excellent presentation. God bless!

  41. PeggyTeachesChinese says:

    @dboytim Thank you. Please do share for me. :*)

  42. PeggyTeachesChinese says:

    @dboytim yay come to Taiwan!!!

  43. dboytim says:

    Wow make me want to come to taiwan hehe

  44. dboytim says:

    Pity u don’t have qq ur a funny and beautiful girl I like u alot. Ok I try to share it for u. Wan an Peggy

  45. PeggyTeachesChinese says:

    @dboytim bu shi. wo shi taiwan ren suoyi wo bu yong qq. 🙂

  46. dboytim says:

    Bao bei wo Xiang wo Ai ni!
    Heihei ni shi Fuzhou ren ma? Wo you qq739296081. Zai jian

  47. abcdefg2009ization says:

    In “bù haǒ yì sī” , the tone of the fourth character is not “sì”, and it usually has no tone or empty tone by stressing the third character tone, which can be labled as “si” .By listening to your negligeable accent carefully, I guess you are from southern china .
    Thanks for your tutorial.

  48. BuayaGuy says:

    @PeggyTeachesChinese 你好 Peggy, actually I had a question about 謝謝 – when I was first learning about it a long time ago (10+ years), I read that it generally went: xie4 xie0 (like a soft tone). Are you supposed to use 4th tone for both words?

    謝謝! 🙂

  49. worldtravel101 says:

    @PeggyTeachesChinese i hate when people say standard. dont let rude people get you down. peggy you are a great teacher! i looked at that persons profile. it shows their recent comments. everything they say is hatefull. so it seems this person has no life haha. peggy you are a great teacher, dont listen to those rude people. keep doing what you do best, and thats making great mandarin videos 🙂

  50. lixian0072000 says:

    @PeggyTeachesChinese that means you sound like ppl coming from china not a chinese grew up in US.