New Concept Mandarin-Business Chinese 1

Teaser for 3-DVD Business Chinese Series from New Concept Mandarin (

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5 comments on “New Concept Mandarin-Business Chinese 1
  1. BurgerKingRules says:

    chinese is easy because of their top notch alphabet oh wait.

    by the way these people do not talk fast. if you are going to china, which is prob why you are studying Chinese, you’re fucked

  2. play90555 says:

    sorry i don’t speak chinese just english because is the most language spoken around the world even more the chinese mandarin

  3. Caramonn says:

    this is going sooo fast. I don’t think they can teach well. This is the pb. with chinese so many teacher are not good in my opinion. They just speak quickly don’t make fun, don’t come back on words. I found one very good method it is chineseipod. And American did this… in france all teachings suck. my chinese gf also is crazy she speaks hell can leanr nothing frm her !! arggg hum 🙁

  4. franksui says:

    Then try something easier. This is Mandarin-*BUSINESS* Chinese, you don’t need to do this hard until your basic is perfect. 🙂

  5. Rabidpie says:

    I don’t know how you can keep up with that, I who am studying Mandarin am having trouble keeping up at the pace.