Learn Chinese – Speak Mandarin – “You looked tired”

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15 comments on “Learn Chinese – Speak Mandarin – “You looked tired”
  1. murchie85 says:

    Its a fact, I have been studying from Benny’s material for 2 months its the best!! Benny you are brilliant!! Xie xie ni!!

  2. MoonLight9098 says:

    omg… Benny, you’re awesome!! short but good lessons!

  3. quantummom says:

    Xie xie Benny!

  4. askbenny says:

    Hi quantummom, in Chinese. Fun is kāi xīn = 开心


  5. quantummom says:

    Hi dear Benny, how do one say ‘fun’ in mandarin? And what’s the character for fun?

    Thanks inmensely!

  6. askbenny says:

    Sorry, just give your answer.
    Yes, you can say wǒ tǎo tàn nǐ or wǒ hèn nǐ for I hate you


  7. WEEW00x33 says:

    hey benny 😀
    uhm i got a question.
    i know “i love you” is wo ai ni.

    but is “i hate you” something like wo tao yuan ni?
    if not, can you tell me what it is ? 😀

  8. askbenny says:

    Good question!

    讨厌means dislike 恨 means hate

  9. askbenny says:

    Please go to my website.There have more free Mandarin learning content. See you there!

  10. josechinese101 says:

    i want to learn please telll me!! 🙂

  11. STR4WB3RRYS0UFFLE says:

    hi askbenny,
    is 討厭 the same thing as 恨你?

  12. askbenny says:

    It is Adobe premier.

    Or you want to know how to type Chinese characters ?

  13. normanagudelo says:

    What is the text editor you use to create the video with chinese characters?

  14. askbenny says:

    I’m glad to hear you are learning Mandarin from me! Actually “Kan shang qu hen lei” means “looks very tiring”… remember if you log onto my website, you can download all the PDF files for FREE! You can also ask me and all my Angels and Friends all the questions you like… we are there for you 24 hours a day! Zai Jian!

  15. moahthing says:

    hi benny i’m learning madarine frome you because my mom don’t have time to teach me,but my mom says that “kan shang qu hen lei” means i don’t like you is that true?