Bruno Mars The Lazy Song – Sung in Chinese

Having fun singing in Chinese on a Sunday morning. Tweet to @BrunoMars 🙂 I was raised in the US without learning Chinese, but recently began practicing speaking / singing in Mandarin. Enjoy! This is a cover of Bruno Mars’s The Lazy Song. He’s an incredible artist, and you can buy the original here: Feel free to share on Facebook: Connect with me: http Join my mailing list!

The Chinese President Hu Jintao is in the US for a four-day state visit. The leaders of the world’s two biggest rival economies held a private welcome dinner on Tuesday night at the White House. Among the business at hand are economics, trade and human rights policies.

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50 comments on “Bruno Mars The Lazy Song – Sung in Chinese
  1. aressweet21 says:

    i really think this song is way better than the original… not because of the chinese but his voice is awsome!

  2. BlackSn0w520 says:

    Cuteeeeeeee 😉

  3. bengray94 says:

    i luv this hehe xD amazin 😛

  4. MsDeCharme says:

    very cute!!

  5. dAngel092 says:

    OMYDAM…that was funny how u subbed the chinese lyrics but when u sang english u subbed in chinese…this is really great..AWESOME MAN

  6. AngeloveMJMJ says:

    omg.I speak’s alright:D
    keep going:)

  7. domeee11 says:

    whats a p90x actually?

  8. AHGorgeous says:

    good job ! 😀

  9. ThatsmeJoanne says:

    i was going to make a chinese version too! looks like you beat me by 2 months. lmao. gj!

  10. georgie30100 says:

    I really enjoyed watching this video than the one made by someone named Bruno Mars.

  11. VenusDeArt says:

    well, youre happy when you just wake up 🙂 thats cool. Subed your talent. Thanks for sharing on YT. best wishes. Venus

  12. Grunox1337 says:

    You are awesome man! Keep doing those. Please! 😀

  13. mirimir995 says:

    Ahahahah amazing guy, you’re so funny! 😉

  14. LeeToTheVIMusic says:

    Your accent is wicked dude better than my Chinese lol!!! love the song!!!

  15. rickw1100 says:

    As always Jerry- A great performance! Loved it!

  16. woodybleierbleier says:


  17. yolandayeungpuishan says:

    hahaaa FUNNY!

  18. Elegarret says:

    I really like this positive song!

  19. liuyi870526 says:

    好好练一下你的中文发音吧。。。。英文口音的中文真是不好听。。。。。。而且中英混唱跟Avril Lavigne的《女朋友》有什么区别?你还是唱英文吧。。。。。

  20. yesanna123 says:

    lol,lazy but joyful…awesome!
    Ps: ur Chinese sounds tolerably perfect…haha~~

  21. jcpt2009 says:

    Wow, that’s so Funny! I like your version!!!! 🙂 i think i should do the similiar thing in Indonesian language 😀

  22. Fuffukuschelipups says:

    0:45 is soooo lol xD love it^^

  23. MelodyVanover says:

    this was awesome!

  24. depuyt1 says:

    That was pretty cool 🙂

  25. MissKuriosity says:

    lmfao that was awesome i was laughing my azz off.. hahahahaha

  26. Doraemonchina says:

    @DavidJamesMurray:China is absolutely different with the U.S and British,they’ll go with the World to make themselves stronger also benefit the whole World.When they need something such as oil they’ll ask u for selling oil to them and if u ok with the price they request then we do business peacefully and fairly.Not like America,they’ll pointing their gun to your head and shoot your brain out of your skull if u say no.China taste the feeling of being bullied for long so they dun do that to others

  27. TheTV1234 says:

    United States has NO RIGHT to talk about human rights, they are just as evil as the people/government they accuse!

  28. KrazyNinjaPanda says:

    @TheBrolit fuck you and fuck China.

  29. TheBrolit says:

    @KrazyNinjaPanda If that were to happen; his administration would already be replaced with a new one.

    How about fuck your country instead?

  30. KrazyNinjaPanda says:

    Hu Jintao’s an uglyass sushi breath motherfucker who’s gonna get his ass shot one of these days. Fuck china!!! 🙂

  31. codenameblue08 says:


  32. CEObonuses says:

    Chinese understand their are problems, chinese people knows way more bad things about the government compared to to western people, we are not brainwashed instead is the western media brainwashing western people into thinking so.

    Chinese people have a lot to complain about, chinese people do complain in ways that may not seem like complaining in western view. Most chinese dont like the government BUT!!! many chinese also do not like western people pointing their nose at chinas business.

  33. ImJustBoredLol says:

    Jintao: Where’s mah money bitch!?

  34. Crecendos says:

    please help the people of Palestine
    don’t listen to Free tibet or taiwan
    China does not do anything bad as what Israel does to Palestine
    israel attack Humanitarian aide in International waters!
    how are you claim human rights when Obama does do anything to stop the genocide in Palestine?

  35. MrBragais says:

    China’s leaders never think of other countries economic situation. In East Timor; local manufacturer of traditional product are crying for help; because Chinese manufacturer are imitating almost everything…shameless people!!!

  36. Guanchen says:

    The reason why Chinese government never appologize for Tianmen is because there is still a senior member of the chinese central government who was involved in that, and look at it this way, if they do apologize NOW, it’d be very disprespectful toward one of the oldest senior member of the government, and no one really wants that, maybe after that generation are all dead China will apologize for Tianment and among other things.

  37. khnumlovesmenhit says:

    “Western pressure to human rights” ???
    This is just another bad joke Mister ‘Commonwealth-Marionette’ Tisdall, isnt it.
    Obama: FREE LEONARD PELTIER and other political US-prisoners!
    Give back the territories of the USA to the true owners: the Native Americans.
    STOP THE GENOCIDE of the Native Americans, remove Wounded Knee medals today and so many things more. You are truly inhuman and devilish.
    And the Chinese know this very well.
    GO CHINA !!!

  38. 211Alucard says:

    @bboucharde LoL..”Sixth Grade ,Our dialogue is Over,”talk about being childless.1)Stop using big words does not make you more intelligent. 2) I am happy for your dual degree. 3) If you want to serve your community and nation stop being a hypocrite. 4) Those are not facts but your opinion. 5) I all ready answer your question but if you feel like those are not the answer you are looking for will then a great man once said “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”.

  39. bboucharde says:

    @211Alucard You did not respond to any of the facts that I expressed. Instead, you reverted to a sixth-grade ad hominum attack. As for your comment, I don’t know about any tea bags. I am a nationalist with military training, daily conditioning, and 315 semester credits of university work (engineering & history, dual majors), with a GPA of about 3.75. I am sure that I am not as smart or strong as you, but I do my best to serve my community & nation. Our dialogue is over. Have a good life.

  40. 211Alucard says:

    @bboucharde Really you must watch “The History Channel” or Fox News.I guest you just wasted more time.You must be one of those Tea Baggers conservative.

  41. thagodfather007 says:

    human rights ? human rights? sure china has its flaws but nation has not?? look at america, guantanamo ?, iraq ? hmmmmmm

  42. libbern says:

    China was an empire as well^^ If you believe they were all peaceful, you’re quite naive. But they did’nt have industrialism and the scientific method.

  43. M3diaCultur3 says:

    @yhk1969 actually, screw gordon chang. now that i’ve read what your views are, you kind of sound like deng xiaopeng.

  44. yhk1969 says:

    @KoolJayJ- I think protesters are good. It is a barameter of how much more China should do to fix its internal issues. Its like if your customers complain, it means they want your services to be fixed. If taking these protesters or negative remarks in good light, reflect upon them and use them to measure how well or what else to do to improve , is great. Maybe one day in ? time, when all the falungong, Uighurs and Tibetans stop protesting, it will indicate that China has fixed the problem.

  45. yhk1969 says:

    @M3diaCultur3 in any case I appreciate being compared to a fame (from an academic perspective) writer. But there is a fundamental difference him and me. Gordan believes in the end of the CCP or China’s as an entity it is now, that it is malignant . I believe that CCP will evolve, China will eventually ascend to world power and by nature benign. China has suffered many upheavals since 1840. No rationale Chinese would allow upheaval to stop its development back to before 1840 (in terms of statue).

  46. yhk1969 says:

    @M3diaCultur3 But no one can make the Chinese become arragant or plain over confident unless they allow themselves. If that happens, then the Chinese would just be falling to their own peril. So far so good, they are keeping to their pace and being aware that they are not ready, not being influence both internally and externally over the hype, keep improving the 3 factors which they are eg the publicity in Time Square, then in 50~100 years time, maybe they can assume sustainable Leadership.

  47. yhk1969 says:

    @M3diaCultur3 – hahahaaa. I think there is a huge difference. maybe I should write a book on my views that would be more representative of the reality, not too extreme at both ends. But I have stated 3 very important factors that would really projects. China is not ready to be a superpower, don’t even try. I think they know it and trying to keep a level head but I think the US is trying to use the similar strategy they have done to the Soviets n making the Chinese think that they ready.

  48. M3diaCultur3 says:

    @yhk1969 ironically, i was referring you as “gordon chang”, because you sound like him, in some ways.

  49. torontobills says:

    Wang Meets Chinese President

  50. KoolJayJ says:

    Oh for fucks sake, will people just shut the fuck up, cowards and racists using excuses to badmouth china on the internet and in the media is pissing me off……… heres an idea, if your so hellbent on your goals of freeing tibetians and chinese from oppression, why not do something about it instead of protesting in major events, being mean to crippled little girls and generally creating a ruckus.