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a video i made myself , hope you like it and please do comment smile 🙂
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The tale of a young soldier in the Red Army who stops at a local town and befriends a local family. He falls in love soon, but his unit is being deployed to the front line to stop the Japanese invasion. The girl fears that he may be wounded or killed in combat and worries about him daily. Sang by Yan Wei Wen – People’s Liberation Army Performing Arts Corps.
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  1. 77777XYZ says:

    china has all kind of evil things, so many death camp, secret police, etc etc,,,,,,,china is most hell place in the world, ccp killed historical amount of people

  2. DAIGORO14 says:

    mmm love shanghai

  3. iluvbogs says:

    Is this song from that Andy Lau’s movie?

  4. sharkwave123 says:

    what is hua men di

  5. puertolimoncostarica says:


  6. bonerears says:

    smile with poo n my pants 😉

  7. kinggodzilla100 says:

    Buddha save them

  8. bass109 says:

    jesus save them!

  9. projetovereda says:

    Adorei, adorei, sou um brasileiro, mas a china é minha segunda pátria, já estive em alguns destes lugares no ano de 2005 e 2006, me senti aí com este povo maravilhoso… … Deus abençoe sua vida e dê sabedoria para conduzir este canal e assim poder somar conhecimentos e cultura, ABRAÇOS MIL…

  10. Chizuko44 says:

    do u know the album for this song?

  11. Satomi007 says:

    Who is the artist that sings this song, “Dream Persuer”? I can’t seem to find it anywhere, and I really like the video by the way. Great job! ^_^

  12. yesgekay says:


  13. hlzhoutony900 says:

    @shaochengy why the money can not put in china, china have many billions people, may be your friend`s dad get too much money and china is too small to put his money, another thing is many top 500 company do bussiness in china and they all take money to their countries, may be your friends dad get to much money and it is too heavy to take out of china. fucking funny, you are joking

  14. hlzhoutony900 says:

    @shaochengy funny, haha. you friend must be from korea. they always make story. also, western people every day listen story from BBC,CNN and so on that they make a fake one to western people. this very funny.

  15. daleiloveqian says:

    i went beijing for 3 months.. loved everyday 😀 haha nice song N video 😀

  16. jasmine9238 says:

    @frozendream13 quite nice yhis song…

  17. brooke359 says:


  18. shaochengy says:

    Because this video in my computer recomment me to watch, so this is what I think okay. The place is look beautiful true it is very nice. But I agree with (leongteckseng) it is a scary place, I have a friend her dad do business in china, the money you can put in china, but you can’t take it out, they will ask you all kind the question and make you look very bad, that is what I exprience from her, very sad, her dad have to leave china and go home.

  19. leongteckseng says:

    omg scary place ….

  20. alvinksoon says:

    A very beautiful, inspiring and meaningful Chinese song

  21. aqua356 says:

    Trish – Tomorrow Will Come

  22. nuengi says:

    Anyone knows the cantonese version of this song???

  23. FandubSongs1 says:

    and also the english version too i forgot the title but it goes like this

    as time goes by everyday of my life how i long for yesterday
    slowly years are gonna come and i know that your wait will meet to begin
    looking back on days of the past that we had so long ago
    i can’t hide all these feelings inside my love continues to grow something like that

  24. spiritbreakerz says:

    song name?

  25. FandubSongs1 says:

    i know that but there’s other versions of this theme not only in chinese